Umatilla Forest Collaborative

The Umatilla Forest Collaborative was launched to provide a platform for individuals and organizations to unite diverse interests toward common-goal, pragmatic proposals for the Umatilla National Forest. It originally resulted from two informal community meetings in July and September of 2011, at which, the Umatilla National Forest Supervisor asked attendees if they would be interested in developing a community-based collaborative group to help guide forest management. The group decided to build a collaborative group and take on their own project proposals with the Forest Service fulfilling the role of neutral advisor. Then they selected their “umbrella”/host organization and neutral facilitation, as well as logistical and administrative support. The diverse group of dedicated participants has been very productive and passed several organizational milestones.

Mission: To develop and promote balanced solutions from a diverse group of stakeholders to improve and sustain ecological resiliency and local community socioeconomic health in and near the Umatilla National Forest.

Vision: UFCG recommendations meaningfully contribute to lasting ecological, economic, and social [alphabetical] resilience in and near the Umatilla National Forest.

To view the Governor’s letter designating the Umatilla Forest Collaborative Group’s (UFCG) Kahler Restoration Planning project to be designated as an Oregon Solutions project, click here.

To view the Umatilla Forest Collaborative Group’s Declaration of Cooperation, click here.

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